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Welcome to Abhaya Kshethram

All the projects supported by Abhaya Kshethram are exclusively targeted towards children. However, they span a wide range of focus areas. The broad areas of our current focus and the corresponding projects in each category are outlined here. For detailed descriptions of these projects, please visit our projects website.

Abhaya Kshethram selects the child development projects without any discrimination based on gender, caste, religion, political affiliation or language. We follow an exhaustive evaluation process which includes analysis of quantitative metrics like the number of children impacted, the cost per activity or cost per child and qualitative measures such as the impact on the local community, organizational structure and long term sustainability of the organization. Abhaya Kshethram's main focus areas are:

  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Care for physically and/or mentally challenged children
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of children in vulnerable conditions

Even though projects funded by Abhaya Kshethram work on specific focus areas, most of them have considerable over-lap in these focus areas and include healthcare, nutrition, recreation, awareness and community mobilization as vital components in their day to day functions.

Education : We believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of children and for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Hence, over 50% of our resources go towards education. A large number of our funded projects are imparting education in different ways, each responding to a specific need in their respective communities.

Vocational Training : Many of our projects have vocational training as a significant component of their overall approach to development for older children. Income generation skills such as tailoring, embroidery and mechanic work help them stand on their own feet and break the cycle of poverty. These children would otherwise have to turn to more desperate measures for a livelihood.

Physically and/or Mentally Challenged Children : Children with special needs face significant hurdles because of a lack of community awareness of their needs and rights. Abhaya Kshethram has taken up the cause of these children and is supporting RMKM (Renugunta)Andhra Pradesh. Apart from providing education and training through special teachers, they are doing a great job in awareness generation and sensitization of the general public about the needs of these special children.

Children in Vulnerable Conditions : Certain groups children of sex workers, children in bonded labor - are particularly vulnerable. Abhaya Kshethram is supporting projects that are focused on this segment of the population. CORP India (Maharashtra) is protecting such children by providing shelters, education and vocational training for alternate income generation. Health Education Adoption Rehabilitation Development Society-HEARDS (Andhra Pradesh) is fighting the issue of child labor through community mobilization and education with bridge schools.