Special School for the Hearing Impaired

Special School for the Hearing Impaired

Hearing Impaired : This Project was running from 2003-2007 & these children were trained in regular academies & all of them were integrated in regular schools or impaired schools.

The spirit behind this is strong belief that the deaf are not dumb.They become dumb because of our negligence. If proper intervention is provided at the right time they can become normal individuals like any one of us. Today there are 54 children are in the hostel studying in classes from pre primary to III standard .Two classes are equipped with group hearing aid system and speech therapy is given to each child individually. They will not be dumb any more if speech therapy and Hearing Aid is given at right time.


According to WHO a hearing impaired person is someone who is not able to hear sound at threshold level of 81 decibels (ISO) or greater or inability to understand even shouted voice. Hearing Impairment causes problems in communication. Hearing Impaired child needs to spend considerable time on learning speech and language. The main problem in the education of Hearing Impaired child arises from the child's inability to communicate effectively. This can overcome partly by hearing aids.

The oral –Aural (lip reading and listening) used in our school as mode of communication and we use some improvised signs and gestures for communication with the Hearing Impaired children.