Support Us

We need a helping hand: We solicit the cooperation of well wishers and welcome contributions in cash and/or kind, to assist creating a permanent shelter(in form of its own building), and develop related infrastructure like Phsiotherapy equipment, furniture, Vehicle, etc.

Donations may be made in favour of " Abhayakshethram Society for the Mentally Handicapped".

The Donors are entitled to adopt a challenged child by way of contributing Rs.1500 or $35 per month as donation towards the upliftment of the challenged. Abhayakshethram will keep the Donors informed about the progress and development of the child from time to time.

Health Care & Relief

All children with special health care needs will receive coordinated ongoing comprehensive care within a medical home.All children will be screened early and continuously for special health care needs.Services for children with special health care needs and their families will be organized in ways that families can use them easily.All youth with special health care needs will receive the services necessary to make appropriate transitions to adult health care, work, and independence.

Vocational Skills

Vocational training makes an individual self-sufficient to earn living independently. Having access to vocational training opportunities enables students to choose the profession of their choice according to their abilities, skills and interests. Vocational training helps special needs children to develop their skills and talents in a useful and beneficial manner. Vocational training also helps them to realize their ambitions and helps students feel that they have value in their communities and within themselves. With the help of vocational training in schools, students can become independent and productive members of society.

Orphaned Old Age

We all are affected by what we learn at a young age. AbhayaKshethram's “Value Education on Age Care” programme’s main focus is to sensitize school children on ageing issues early in life, so they treat their elderly with love and care and understand their issues in depth. our association with schools has been since its very birth. Never wavering in their commitment to the cause, schools have always shown keen interest in fulfilling their responsibility towards society.

Total Strength of ABHAYA KSHETRAM is “172”
New clothes for two special children
Rs. 1200
Uniform clothes for 4 special children (School Children)
Rs. 2000
Annadanam to “172” Special Children – One time on any DAY as per Donors choice
Rs. 8500(One time special meal)
Providing Morning & Evening Milk & Snacks to all Special children On any day
Rs. 2500
Providing Special Sweets and Savoury on any Festival or Birthday Occasion cost
Rs. 2500
Sarees to “5” Mentally Challenged (Women)
Rs. 2500
New Pants & Shirts to “5” Mentally Challenged (Men)
Rs. 2500

For SPONSORING food Expenses/ DETAILS:-
Breakfast : ( Per day food Expenditure as follows )
SPECIAL Breakfast 2 items (Ex: Idly/Upma, Sambar, Chutney) & Milk for 152 kids
Ordinary Breakfast one item (Pongal , Sambar, Vada) & Milk)
SPECIAL Lunch (Fried Rice, White Rice, Dal, Sambar, Vegetable fry, Curd, Sweet, Savory, Appalam & Banana)
Ordinary Lunch (White Rice, Dal, Sambar, Vegetable fry, Curd,Sweet, Savory)
Evening 2 items of snacks ( Banana & Biscuits) & Milk with Ugadhi pachadi.
Night Dinner:
SPECIAL Dinner (1 Chapathi, Fried Rice, Vegetable Rice, Sambar,Veg fry, Curd rice, Sweet & Banana)
Ordinary Dinner (Pulihora, White rice, Dal, Sambar, Vegetable fry,Curd & Sweet)

Sponsoring a Child per month- As follows:
Food Expenses FULL ONE MONTH
Rs. 800
Medication costs (Fits, Behavioral problems, etc.) FULL MONTH
Rs. 800
Special Education (Speech Therapy etc.) FULL MONTH
Rs. 800
Per month sponsoring a child (Food, Education, Medicines COMPLETELY )
Rs. 2400

Sponsoring a Child per annum-Rs. 2400 x 12= Rs. 28,800/- Only.